Why us?

Some features that might get you interested (in case our curriculum hasn't already!)

Designed by experts

The events that we offer have been crafted meticulously by leading industry experts; people who have faced the resistance of transitioning from the peaceful educational paradigm to the professional hullabaloo and don't want you to do the same.

Extensively tested

The event structure keeps on improving with each iteration, moulding itself into being more useful than ever before. Various curriculums have been taught to 500+ students over the span of 4+ years and have proven to be a boosting force to their careers.

Updated constantly

We believe in Zero Tolerance Policy for techniques that have antiquated and the people who've designed these events have put in their experience, constantly trying to make the curriculum most relevant to what you'll need it to be when you step out of your institution.

About the instructors

All our instructors are professional trainers who have years of experience of conducting such workshops.

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